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Project Hope

 Your donations will be used through Project Hope.

 Project Hope is a public project, which the China Youth Development Foundation established in 1989.
 It deploys funds to improve educational infrastructure in poor areas in rural regions.
 The Communist Youth League of China helped to establish the China Youth Development Foundation.
 Through Project Hope, the Foundation supported 4.5 million children and students and built 18,002 primary schools
 by 2012,.

  Friend participates in Project Hope run by the Shanghai Youth Development Foundation (est. 1994).
 By May 2009, the Fund collected RMB650 million from 6.8 million donors. 1,800 Hope Primary schools were built,
 and 13 million children received a support.

 *Shanghai Youth Development Foundation Project Hope Shanghai Office
   No. 290 Julu Lu, Shanghai, 200020
   Tel: 021-6253-9266, Fax: 021-6258-3800
   Web: http://xwgcx.inicp.com.cn/ (all in Chinese)

 *China Youth Development Foundation
   Web: http://en.cydf.org.cn/ (English/Chinese)

Recent projects that Shanghai Project Hope offers
  1. Hope Primary School
    With a donation of RMB500,000, we can build a primary school in a poor area.
    If a school is built, about 200 children can attend. On top of the RMB500,000, the construction cost is financed by additional funds
    from a local government with extra donations by local people.
    The donor to Project Hope can name the school.
  2. Hope Kitchen
    With a donation of RMB40,000, we can support to build a kitchen which enables schools to make their own meals.
  3. ICT Classroom
    With a donation of RMB150,000, we can arrange an ICT classroom with 20 computers and additional facilities.
  4. Heart scholarship
    We can aid an underprivileged student in Shanghai to go to school with RMB1,000 every year.
    This is a private scholarship, and we can actually meet with the supported student.