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 Friend's Memory Teddy Bear集合体

 Are you looking for something special to remind you of school days, or do you need a nice gift that you want to give to
 your friend who is leaving your school or leaving Shanghai? Our Memory Teddy Bear can be a good choice. We can
 remake an old uniform in a mini version for a Teddy Bear. The Teddy will be unique, the only one like it in the world.


 *We can tailor your own memorable uniform
 Please bring your uniform.
 An emblem or a tag represents your school (group, association, etc), which we want to use it as is.
 Thus, the mini uniform won't be a complete mirror image of yours, but we will try to maintain the style of your uniform
 as much as possible.

 *The Teddy's height: 40cm (the sitting height: 32cm)
(FRIEND) Friend's Memory Teddy Bear  It is possible to use your own Teddy Bear, depending on
 the size. Just ask us about the possibility.
  (If your own Teddy Bear is used, we deduct RMB40.)

 Friend's volunteer staff members stitch each one by hand, hoping that the Teddy Bear will make you smile.

Order methods

  We have changed order procedure, so far we don’t produce memory bear at moment.

  1. Please order via one of the followings
    *email : friend@wna.jp
    *WeChat : shinjikaoru
  2. Bring your uniform, so we discuss how to proceed.
    *You can choose either a skirt or trousers (navy blue)
    *We can discuss how to tailor your uniform trousers or skirt.
     Also, if you want to use your own Teddy Bear, we will evaluate it to determine whether we can use it.
  3. Confirm your order officially after agreeing on the price, the delivery date, and delivery method.
    *The basic price: RMB220 (Teddy Bear and 2 uniform parts, top and bottom)
     Extra charge will be required to additional parts such as a vest, a hat, etc.
    *Delivery time: 2weeks to 2 months

 Friend's Memory Teddy Bear

 All the proceeds will be used for educational support for children who live in economically challenged regions in China.